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Jeinrevo is a media organization committed to world class journalism and reports in areas such as politics, business, entertainment, science, technology, analysis and editorials. We are committed to developing an online presence that gives credence to fair reporting, investigative journalism and the building of a better society through unbiased and fair reportage. We are not affiliated to any political party or interest group neither do we represent their interest.

Our core values are to give our readers unfettered information as we get them without interference from individuals, groups or governments. We are interesting in building a free and just society where the voice of the ordinary people matters just like that of the affluent. We are firmly committed to citizen journalism where we give priority to eyewitness accounts which is the pillar of journalism anywhere in the world.

Although we believe that national security could sometimes clash with fair reportage, we are committed to upholding international rules and conventions on freedom of the press including freedom of speech and rights to own an opinion. Our reporting knows no bounds; hence our coverage extends across continents and beyond. Our team of dedicated reporters is working across the globe to feature news and happenings as it affects us all.

At Jeinrevo, we believe that the citizens have an inalienable right to freedom of information and the use of such information for the betterment of the society. Information accessed over our websites are unadulterated, and can be used to solve crimes around the world. Jeinrevo stands shoulder to shoulder with millions of women and children subjected to violence, deprivation to life and education, human rights violations, inability to access justice because of their gender, work place violations and child labor.

Jeinrevo sympathizes with the many thousands of people particularly in the United States and the world over who die daily in gun violence and domestic violence while the government of the day including elected representatives continues to play politics with the lives of their citizens. Jeinrevo is in solidarity with the millions of people who are victims of repressive regimes, state sponsored violence, oppression by the high and mighty, and slave labor in such places as North Korea, China and Eritrea among others.
We would continue to expose official crimes committed by world leaders while in office, officially sanctioned slave pay and slave labor, crimes of the high and mighty and famous people’s plea bargain often used to pervert the course of justice. Jeinrevo would continue to shed light on genocides around the world both past and present, war crimes and crimes against humanity, colonial and neo-colonial crimes and violations, state to state endorsement of repressions against citizens, state to state sponsorship and support of criminal and repressive regimes.

We are a citizen’s editorial platform and hence we allow people all over the world to submit articles, documents, images, audio clips and videos which expose crimes irrespective of who is involved and we would do good to publish them once they meet our minimum standard. At Jeinrevo we believe that by exposing these crimes, the world would be a better place in terms of information and awareness to deal with crimes, violations and violence and would be better placed to promote punitive measures that would serve as deterrent to further crimes.

We believe that a better society is only possible when we love ourselves, respect one another’s rights and privacies, be our brother’s keeper, engage in selfless ventures and embark on projects that build a better, prosperous and peaceful environment and society.

Editor-in-Chief/Publisher - Bassey Akpan

Editor – John Akpan

If you have news items, op-eds, letters or complaints or other issues requiring our attention, you can write to the editor by sending an email to jeinrevo@gmail.com
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