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Bassey Akpan is a graduate of the federal university of technology Owerri and holds a bachelor of engineering degree in Electrical/Electronic engineering. He is an indefatigable writer and publisher who have followed international politics for decades.  He is an astute disciplinarian who holds several opinions about leadership, business, politics and world order. Bassey Akpan is the Editor-in-Chief and publisher of Jeinrevo.

He takes a hard line on currency manipulation, human rights abuse, slave labor, artificial boundaries, war crimes and crimes against humanity. He believes in the universal declaration of human rights as pronounced by the United Nations and the UN charter on human rights. “Freedom to hold contrary opinions and to decide one’s destiny is an inalienable right that cannot be crushed over time”. He believes in the dynamism of a changing world and a society where people are free to aspire to higher heights and grow at their own pace without causing harm to others.

As a conservative, Bassey Akpan is opposed to hasty and radical changes that could bring benefits in the short run but disaster in the long run. “Every country that seeks growth must grow at their own pace without indulging in processes that undo the progress of others”. He believes in free trade that is really free indeed without manipulation to favor a particular county. He takes a hard line on censorship, inhibition, press and information restrictions and state sponsored propaganda schemes intended to brainwash the gullible.

“The dynamism of a changing world brings with it two winds, one blows away permitivity and the other brings about competition”.

“In our various societies, changes brought about by economic and technological advancements cannot be truly progressive unless it is able to lift people out of poverty and reduce the gap between the rich and poor”. “While man appreciates his environment and wish that it becomes better than yesterday, the environment cannot be more important than the people living in it”.
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